Q3) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

During earlier research I decided to look at film companies and what Idents they made, I did this so that It would give me ideas on what might distribute my media product. I did this to establish the different roles of film companies such as production companies and distribution companies. I also decided that it would be important to look at the genres of films they made and their budgets so that this way it would help me have an idea of what might distribute mine. I decided create an Ident that would be relevant to me genre in which I added a glitch onto so that it would be a convention of horror, this glitch suggested uncertainty and makes the audience feel unstable. 

Each Ident I look at appeared bold and easy to read and involved movement, this allowed me to follow on this and make it relevant to my ident. For my horror I looked at idents from the conjuring, woman in black and insidious etc. On the whole these idents did not give away the genre of the film in which I tried to do with mine. I looked at a lot of Warner Bros productions as they relate their idents to the certain genre of the film, their idents are very simple yet effective and have the atmosphere for each genre. For example Warner bros has a very dull and cloudy background when beginning the conjuring.



My actor and costume: I used my friend Mathilda as my main character as I feel as though she suits the part of a young innocent girl as she has a young face, I also chose her for her acting skills as they are very good. The costume I used is a white dress in which acted as pyjamas so that her innocence and purity is brought out. By using the white dress it allows it to flow in the wind in which gives my film an effective and innocent touch.


Existing film character: I decided to compare my character to the girl in the grudge even though they are completely different personalities but by what the grudge wears allowed me to be inspired for my film.

Evaluation Q6) What have you about technologies through the process of constructing this product?

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 12.22.16.pnghttp://prezi.com/2mrkuamrbgj5/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy

I have used a range of camera equipment such as, Go pro, Go pro gimble, Canon camera 1300D etc, in which I feel as though has helped me film my opening successfully. All this equipment allows me to include lots of different angles and lenses throughout my media year.
From trying out all of this different equipment I decided that I was going to film my opening with the Go pro and the gimble so that it created a more smooth and stable camera quality.

For my final film I used a Go pro hero 3+ in which I felt gave out a good quality wide angled lens enabling me to capture all the surroundings. I felt as though the Go pro was a lot easier to hold as it was smaller and less heavy than a Canon camera so therefore my filming became much more effective.
However the Go pro causes an effect on your filming and changes it to fish eye in which I felt as though looked unprofessional so I decided to transfer my clips on an app called Go Pro studio in which took out the fish eye ensuring that it was a lot more normal.

A gimble is a device used to attach a Go Pro to it, by using this it allows your movement to become steady and stable instead of shaky and blurred. It turned out to be very effective from using this although at first it took some time to get used to. I decided to use this device so that I could run at the same time whilst filming the little girl in my opening, from doing this it allowed me to get footage at a steady movement almost as if the camera is flying.

I did not use the canon camera within my film opening because I felt as though the Go Pro worked a lot better. However I have used this camera for many projects throughout the media year such as my mundane task, preliminary task, aperture task, etc. All of these projects turned out successfully as there are many different settings on the camera in which allow different camera effects. From using this piece of equipment gave me a lot of practice throughout my camera work as it allowed me to focus on different angles and depth of fields etc.

During my media year I have used different pro grammes such as premiere pro, after effect and photo shop. These apps allow you to put together your media filming so that you can edit them effectively by cropping, adding titles, credits etc. Premiere allowed me to edit and add music, effects to my clips in which I felt as though made it a lot more successful. After effects allowed me to add credits with special effects on to a certain clip. This gave me experience for when it came to my final opening.

To upload all the tasks we have done throughout the year we put them onto Word press in which gives allows you to access your coursework easily.
We also used Vimeo in which we upload all out projects onto so that the link is easily shared onto the blog.

Evaluation Q5) How did you attract/address your audiences?

I attracted my target audience by evaluating different perspectives. I decided this by focusing on existing horrors that I feel are within an age rating of 15, this is because I compared real media products to my media product in which gave me an indication and related back to my opening.

To attract my audiences I used Survey Monkey and Interviews to analyse results of my peers and family in which gave me ideas on what the audiences would expect to see in a horror film. I sent out this survey to a number of people on Facebook so that it was easy to access. I got 23 responses back in which enabled me to focus on addressing and attracting my audiences. My film opening is focused on ages from 15-30 of any gender as it involves a little innocent girl as the main character and suggests many plot twists in between. I decided this by asking many questions such as ‘what locations would you expect to see in a horror film?’, this question came back with woods and a haunted house as being the most popular, I tried my best to follow from this so that my audiences would be attracted to the locations that I chose. This gives my target audience a positive response and allowed me to address the ways in which they expect. By using an innocent little girl as my main character suggests a stereotypical character as it gives my audience a thrill and ensures that something mysterious is going to happen.

Some other questions I asked was ‘What characters are you most likely to see in a horror film?’, ‘What time of day would a horror film most likely to be set in?’, ‘What props would you expect to see in a horror film?’. All these questions came back as a number of different results but I decided to use the most popular to focus on so that my audiences would be more intrigued. I chose my character as she is a female in which I felt as though could be easier to relate to so that I could make my film as contrasted as possible.

I also did an interview with some peers within my class in which gave me a more realistic response as it showed me the ways someone decided under pressure. For example…

Interview from Harley’s AS media on Vimeo.

Q4) Who would be the audience for your media product?


Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 15.53.27.png

I have decided to choose a horror as my film opening in which I feel as though only appeals to people in which enjoy watching thrilling movies without getting too scared. I am aiming my product at 15-30 year old’s as it gives a wide range for age, this way people too young are not watching it. I feel as though aiming it to this age group is successful as they are the prime age to watch films like horrors or thrillers.I do not feel as though my film has a specific genre as it can appeal to both, by not having any stereotypes, although the main character is a little girl.

To ensure that my film is successful I decided to do a survey on Survey Monkey in which would give me a representation on what my target audience would expect to see in a horror film. By doing this it gave me ideas on where to locate my film, what characters to use, what props etc. From looking at the results my target audience came back with a woods and haunted house being the most popular, a little girl being most popular and also the time of day they would expect to see.

Once I had a set of questions ready to allow people to fill out I decided to advertise it by putting a link on facebook, I then got my friends to fill it out for me, from doing this it gave me 22 responses in which came out as a range of results. This helped me organize the most popular locations, characters etc and allow them to link to my film as successful as possible.

After I had figured out what conventions I was putting into my horror and what target audience would be preferable to my horror. I decided to research age ratings on different films, I have given my film an age rating of 15 as I feel as though the thrill and horror of my film would be too much for anyone younger.I noticed this from the majority of horror films I have watched and most of them were age 15 or 18 ratings in which gave me a representation of what mine should be. From looking at my preferred target audience I also looked at people not my target audience such as ages younger than 15 or older people above 50 as I feel as though the restrictions do not appeal to them.

Evaluation Q2


How does your media product represent particular social groups?

A social group is ‘a collection of people who interact with each other and share similar characteristics and a sense of unity’. Within my media product of my opening scene I have chosen an innocent girl as my main character because I feel as though she represents a younger social group with the characteristics of innocence and venerability. I decided to choose this because during the earlier research I did for conventions of horror a lot of results came out as a young child, so therefore I decided that that would be the most successful.

I have chosen my friend Mathilda Macari to play the young girl because she has a young looking face in which gives the sign of venerability and allows people to think of her as innocent and powerless. Within my opening she is wearing a dress that flows very nicely suggesting her innocence in which give her purity and allows us to relate back to her being venerable. She is located in her bedroom which involves plenty of toys to give her a younger and more childish social status. Mathilda also plays the role of the victim as she is not powerful enough to be the hero or the enemy within a horror. I have chosen a little girl as my actor so that she is able to represent a young social group in which allows us to feel sorry for her as we watch the opening and it also makes us wonder what has happened to her and how she will survive by being so young and innocent in a dark place.

The reason that made me choose this girl as my main character is from the research I did at the start of preparing for this film opening, I had to get a wide evaluation of what typical leading roles are in horror films. I then compared my character to an existing character in a film in which gave me a representation of how they were similar and gave me a specific social group to focus on. I decided to cast my friend Mathilda not only because she looks innocent and young but also because of her great acting skills in which allowed her to play the part of a vulnerable little girl. Throughout my film opening Mathilda is confused by whats going on as she starts off asleep in which turns to her running away into the woods and from then on its all a mystery what happened to her.

In conclusion to this I think my character is a successful lead role to play in my film opening as she is a respectable representation of her social group as she relates to the conventions of any existing horror film in which include children, whether they are innocent or possessed etc.